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In a world where video content is being generated and consumed at the speed of lightning, no marketing technique can beat an enthralling 60-second promotional film. It carefully unravels the true essence of your company and its product. Video production and marketing can seem overwhelming at first. Still, a clever video marketing strategy can generate a 20% higher conversion rate, better SEO ranking, and if your timing is right, your product could go viral!

Let us discuss why outsourcing video production is a great way to start your branding journey.

How to produce good video content? 

It seems to be a million-dollar question for all companies, especially start-ups who are in need of video marketing. It is the boost that your company needs right now and the question is how to begin creating videos that do justice to your product. 

The answer is quite simple- you could either create videos in-house or outsource them to professional agencies.

Arrangement of video production elements.

Creating videos in-house would require you to set up a team using your workforce to tackle each process from imagination to editing. On the other hand, outsourcing to a media production company would enable you to sit back and relax. At the same time, they take up the pain of going through each procedure and delivering quality content. 

Comparing In-house & Outsourcing Video Production

To better understand the differences between both video production methods, let’s look at each step of producing a 60 – 90 second video.

  1. Pre-Production 
Video Production Discussion

In this phase, you decide the video’s tone and present it. 

Pre-production demands a lot of effort, from developing the idea to assessing the budgeting requirements. 

The brainstorming can revolve around a few questions that highlight the pre-production phase. 

  • What is the objective of making the video?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Do you have any resources with expertise for in-house video production?

While an in-house team will have first-hand information on the product and the intended audience, a professional team will have more experience articulating the values of the product to the target audience in a cost-effective manner. 

It is an arduous task to find the right mix of the in-house team for creating video. It is expensive as you need to pay salaries, purchase new equipment and deploy suitable editing software. Hiring random resources can affect the consistency and coherence of the brand design. 

A video production agency can be your saviour as they have multi-domain expertise. They can route a pool of design experts to your account and get the task done. Since pre-production also lays the foundation for the production and post-production phases, it needs to be handled with its gravity. 

  1. Production 
Video Production Process

The production phase is where you start building the visual content. When choosing a professional media production company, you get the best cameras, the right production equipment, and the efficiency of top talents. Moreover, a professional team will ensure a smooth transition from production to post-production. Outsourcing can open up new, diverse concepts compared to novice creativity of in-house production.

  1. Post-Production 
Post Production Process

Although general editing during post-production might sound simple, it takes time and experience to produce the desired result. An in-house team may be able to handle cropping and composition. Still, it takes a professional team to monitor the nitty-gritty details of the visuals to ensure that the ideas generated during the pre-production phase are taken care of.

You can visualize how the  final product would look like here

The Outsourcing Process

You need to ensure clear communication with the video production company to derive expected outcomes. Before you outsource video production, you need to prepare brand guidelines, expected tonality, information regarding the brand as brief that could help them strike a chord with a message you need to convey.

The next step is to explain the buyer’s persona so that the outsourced company can make informed decisions on the character, voice-over, casting, etc. The entire discussion should be clear regarding the budget, timeline, and deadlines. 

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Video Production 

Inhouse team Vs Outsourcing

Before you make your choice between in-house or outsourcing video production, take a look at the top 3 areas where a video production agency has the edge over the in-house team. 


Producing videos in-house will mean hiring freelancers or redistributing work to enable your team to produce content. The outcome is unnecessary stress over the usual company proceedings and the new team.

When outsourcing to a professional agency, you can be assured to work with veterans and benefit from their skills over previous work. Moreover, you are guaranteed to receive quality work on time. 


High-Quality filming equipment is a prerequisite for quality videos. Buying all the equipment you need to produce your film might be more expensive than hiring professionals with their equipment. You can also be sure to benefit from the latest gadgets and trends when a professional agency takes care of your video production.


An in-house team may not keep up with the company’s recurring demand for high-quality videos. On the other hand, a media production company is built to withstand the risks and fluctuations in demand. This flexibility ensures that your company’s daily proceedings are not affected while receiving quality marketing content. 

Final Thoughts

Creating impressive videos is a time-consuming process that could go wrong if you do not have the right strategy. With the right tools and expertise that you would get when you outsource your video production. The outcome is that you can begin your branding journey on a solid foundation.

Moreover, outsourcing your video production is much more efficient and cost-effective than building and maintaining an in-house team. When an agency creates a premium video for you, you could have your workforce focus on company proceedings and internal matters. 

We, at 7 Frames, have experience working with clients from different backgrounds with different requirements.

If you require an affordable, efficient and reliable team to create an enthralling promotional film that will encapsulate the very essence of your company’s product, then reach out to us at

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