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While the design was about attraction, now it has become more of a “way of thinking.” Every element of design — colour, font, message mean something vital. A meaningful design is often regarded as a visual treat. The words of T. J. Watson Jr. “Good design is good business” (1966 memo to all of IBM) state the facts. 

good design help improve social media metrics

With more than 50 million people considering themselves “content creators,” the size of the market has grown to over $104 billion. From lifestyle to beauty, food to photography, fitness to music, every vertical requires a strong foundation in design. Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report highlights how the social media metrics are evolving and growing. The main reason behind this growth is a successful design. 

Does Design Drive Dynamics?

The same old saying, “a picture is worth more than words”, still holds. An aesthetic post can appeal to more people than a few sets of words. 

Oreo and Nutella have a design so good and strong that it makes you want to try the products. That is how much power a design holds. 

Apple has a simplistic but creative approach in graphic design. It aids in enhancing interpretation by eliminating info dump or chaos. It is the perfect example of a clutter-free and straightforward design. 

When Your Brand Talks — Stats

What can your design tell about social media metrics? How does designing become effective in growing a brand?  Let us understand this with the help of some data.

  • Visual stimuli are super strong; they are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. 
  • The global worth of graphic design was $45.8 billion in 2021
  • The global graphic designers’ industry is ranked number 9 among all business activities. 
  • 94% of the first impressions about a business/brand/site or page are design-related. 
  • A 65% increase in engagement was noticed in just one month after the introduction of the Facebook timeline for brands.
  • Designs and visuals are so important that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. 
  • 68% of digital marketers opt for visual assets in content creation. 
  • 80% of digital marketers prefer graphic design for effective social media marketing. 

The How's and Why's

We have now established that social media engagement boosts with good designs. Let us now learn the reasons behind it and underline how designs help a brand. 

  1. Boost in Sales (Making your Story Sell)

Humans are visual creatures. The very first application of good design is enhancing the output. Without being “salesy” you can sell your products. 

People are more active on social media than on target websites. Designs help and justify the creation of the idea of “content” instead of “marketing.” 

sales boost via effective design

Example: Oreo excels in making a timely delivery and smooth content planning with its creative designs. It not only establishes engagement but promotes high sales. When designs speak the language of your brand, selling your product or service becomes significantly easier.

  1. Better Communication (Say and Make Them Stay)

Designs promote building a connection with the audience. Through impactful designs, the traffic hikes on the site. Social media metrics witnesses expansion when the message of the brand is communicated well. 

Best designs work on the principle of “fewer words and more engagement.” It also facilitates interactive-style selling of your products and services. 

better communication through good design

Example: Mercedes Benz gets at least 87,000,000 organic Instagram impressions on their social media campaigns. This type of traction becomes easy with better communication. Only when the customer understands your business can you try convincing them to buy it. Mercedes Benz does an incredible job of highlighting this,

  1. Brand Awareness (Add Life to Ideas)

The main purpose of designing is to build recognition. Apple is associated with black, silver and white. Google goes for primary colours and green. These colours, fonts, and elements of designing spectrum help in leading subtle awareness campaigns. 

Including an appropriate image with your post can ensure an almost 3% surge in traffic and post engagement. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to add life to basic thoughts and ideas. 

Design help in promoting brand awareness

Example: Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign attracted 800 million impressions on social media. It added substance to social media positivity. A good cause and millions of impressions improved brand awareness.

  1. Customer Engagement (Because Customer Matters)

The audience knows the best. Everything that a business does is specially curated for customers and catered for clients. Good designs increase the chances of interaction with the audience. 

It also builds trust and reliability. When the experience is interactive and engaging, it provides more chances for the audience to stay for a longer period. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that effective designs can be considered the foundation for years/decades-long relationships.

Good design helps engagement

Example: Airbnb posts user-generated images. It is an excellent way to connect users with the brand as it promotes the feeling of acceptance and being seen. With this, they receive immense support from the audience. 

  1. Customer-friendly (Brand that Follows Trend)

People are all about trends these days. “What’s trending” is a common question. Thus, the main objective of design is to cater to the digital natives. 

It helps to increase website traffic. 75% of users on Instagram visit the website of the business after seeing the post on social media. Social media design gives way to easy navigation and high accessibility. 

customer-friendly designs helps social growth

Example: Nutella is bold with its design approach; it takes chances and makes trends. People participate in these trends and not only buy the product but assist in promoting the campaigns. It is one of the sure-shot ways to increase social media metrics. This approach engages potential customers with the brand, thereby increasing social media metrics. 


Design is undoubtedly a significant part of social media. While several studies highlight the importance of designing for aesthetics, most people fail to understand the depth of it. 

Good design boosts social media metrics

It not only brushes up the overall look of the brand but also contributes to changing social media metrics. A good design is responsible for boosting engagement, enhancing UI and improving ads. Therefore, a creative and unique design makes the brand stand out. 

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